9 comments on “Gutted.

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    • My understanding is that he was talking about Landmark. He has said several times now that the crafting/economy of it is a nod to SWG. So that didn’t do much for me; Landmark just isn’t all that exciting in my book.

  2. Thing about SWG was — if we totally take off the rose-tinted nostalgia glasses — the people. Just like with EQ1, there’s no way in hell players today would just sit and socialize during downtimes. Entertainers? They’d get bitched at all day for not leveling their buffs high enough and fast enough because we have to GOGOGOGOGO!!!1!

    I don’t feel ANY of the original old-school MMOs were great *games* at all. But they were great social experiences with (mostly) like-minded players. Those players don’t exist today. At least not enough of them.

    I was certain Smed was talking about The Repopulation since they just exceeded their Kickstarter funding, which is usually when publishers feel they can swoop in. But a red-name in the forum says that’s not the case, so allegedly SOE has their own IP sandbox in development. I just hope it’s not the zombie game. FFS I’m sick of zombies already…

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  5. When I first heard the news, I was sad, too. I think your last sentence describes my feelings very well:

    “And also, like all of us at some point in life (I suspect), we can fall just as in love with someone or something based on what we hoped it might be as we would based on something that was already what we wanted it to be.”

    A slightly over-dramatic (by my standards) post will follow at the usual play.

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