4 comments on “If you thought paying for levels was bad…

  1. That email is having its desired effect – at least on me, anyway. I’m curious enough to take the bait.

    But then, I never did play Neverwinter much. I doubt it’ll get me to stay.

    • I think it would bump me from like 8 to 10, so its not that much of a draw personally. I will probably pull up my account page and apply the code. Not sure I will do much more than that though.

      That said, I think its a great incentive, its just not a game that holds a lot of draw for me right now.

  2. Hmm… free levels in Vanguard… I sure wouldn’t say no to that!

    Maybe it’s too early for that, though. But at least for the last month or two, it would be fun to have a max-level explorer, just to have a look of all the things I’ve never seen and never will.

    (Btw, I first read the news about Vanguard here, I think, a week ago. It’s time for a personal reflection post on Vanguard, I hope I’ll get around to it.)

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