If you thought paying for levels was bad…

Next thing you know, they will be handing them out for free.

Oh wait…

free levels

Of course, not all levels were created equal, but there you have it.

Now if we could just convince Sony to give us free levels in Vanguard. I mean, the double XP is nice and all, but I really just want to be able to wander the world unfettered at this point.

4 thoughts on “If you thought paying for levels was bad…

  1. That email is having its desired effect – at least on me, anyway. I’m curious enough to take the bait.

    But then, I never did play Neverwinter much. I doubt it’ll get me to stay.

    1. I think it would bump me from like 8 to 10, so its not that much of a draw personally. I will probably pull up my account page and apply the code. Not sure I will do much more than that though.

      That said, I think its a great incentive, its just not a game that holds a lot of draw for me right now.

  2. Hmm… free levels in Vanguard… I sure wouldn’t say no to that!

    Maybe it’s too early for that, though. But at least for the last month or two, it would be fun to have a max-level explorer, just to have a look of all the things I’ve never seen and never will.

    (Btw, I first read the news about Vanguard here, I think, a week ago. It’s time for a personal reflection post on Vanguard, I hope I’ll get around to it.)

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