Cheering on Pantheon

Well, Pantheon only has three days left on Kickstarter and needs a little under half of its original goal. Not impossible but not looking good either.

And I think its a shame. McQuaid’s games have always brought us rich virtual worlds and unique character classes, and I hate to think this project might not get its shot at the light of day. If I could recommend to you one video to spend some time on to help you change your mind, I think it might be this one:

Hearing from one of the content designers and watching the world get built before your eyes is a fantastic process. I wish more developers would do this for us as players and as fans. Even as people have enjoyed sticking around for those moments when the plug is pulled on their favorite virtual worlds, like Vanguard, its equally as fascinating to be around for the birth of a world.

I hope we will have an opportunity to see this one built and opened to the world. If you can toss a few bucks that way, please do. Now pardon me, I’m off to up my pledge. I’m already outlining a backstory for my Revenant Dark Knight…


2 thoughts on “Cheering on Pantheon

  1. I pledged some money on that Kickstarter. I like his ideas. Then again, I also believe that he probably needs a project manager who can “ground” him, so he doesn’t go off designing without enough regards to his time and money budget. We know how that ended with Vanguard… I like the game, but it was obviously mismanaged during development.

    We’ll see. I don’t think it’ll happen, and even though I pledged, the whole way the kickstarter campaign was managed makes me worry a bit. Then again, it probably won’t happen anyway. Let’s see what ideas Brad comes up with next, both for a (or the?) game and for financing it.

    1. That was actually one of the first questions asked in the Q&A. (-: McQuaid says he has a project manager to do just that.

      Yes, I curious about the post-KS angle myself. There will be funding and subscription funding available according to the updates, but I wonder how much capital that will garner.

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