Longest Wait?

What’s the longest you’ve ever had to wait on a response from CS support ticket? I’m currently at eight days and counting. The crazy thing is that they asked me for information, I replied a few minutes after that, and here I am, eight days later, still waiting for them to tell me that they verified my account and we can proceed.

Even worse, they are already in the doghouse because they sent me a canned response that did not match my ticket, and that was dated as a response to an issue that included dates that were two days previous to my ticket. In other words, they not only sent me a script that didn’t match, they didn’t bother updating the script to even pretend like they cared.

The game is good, but so far the customer service center is setting new lows in the industry.

8 thoughts on “Longest Wait?

  1. I think I have had three or four SOE tickets to which I never got responses, though they were all for minor issues. I’m still a bit miffed that I got no response, minor or not. But I’m not patient enough to wait 8 days for something important. I would have pinged them again or gotten on the phone had it been something account debilitating.

  2. I’ve never had particularly bad experiences in that regard. Though I am currently in contact with a someone from SOE, so let’s see how that goes. Your stories don’t encourage me. Then again, he tracked me down via twitter to ask for details, so…

    My worst CS experience in recent times is that I had my credit card preemptively blocked by the CC company two weeks ago (showing up in some compromised number list, as far as I gathered from the little detail they’re willing to disclose), and I’m still waiting for the replacement card. I’m pretty annoyed by now.

    And because I first read “CS” as “computer science”, and had to think of this: I definitely can’t beat the coworker I share an office with. He got notice just a couple of weeks ago that a feature patch for some software he used to work with was accepted for the next version. He wrote and submitted that patch during his Bachelor thesis in late 2009…

  3. Well we are at ten days and counting. I am emailing them everyday, asking for an update.

    I could call I guess, but I have a sort of morbid curiosity about the fact that they refuse to respond and how long it will be before they finally decide they would like to help me.

  4. It makes you wonder. The mails didn’t bounce, so they should end up in _some_body’s mailbox, right? Even if it is a complicated case, they could at least send an intermediate update that says “we haven’t forgotten you”. Unless they want to forget you…

    In other news, I got a letter today with my Credit Card’s PIN. I still don’t have the CC itself though. It’s getting silly.

    1. I’m not sure why they would want to forget me. I am a check waiting to be cashed. I have all the documentation that this was a technical snafu on Amazon’s part and not a con. So…what’s the holdup?!

  5. Tonight I finally got a call from CS, they reinstated my son’s account. Was about eight days for us. I say keep on them, I really was hounding them through the call center even though it didn’t seem to do much. I also put in a few tickets to ‘remind’ them. Maybe you’ll hear from them soon, they said they are finally getting caught up with tickets. I hate to see you had to go through this as well, it is such a nighmare. Right now I know they are getting to people but the lack of contact makes it rather painful. Hang in there!

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