NBI Is Upon Us: Write the Post, Don’t Save the World

The 2014 edition of the New Blogger Initiative is here. I have not had the time to help out much in year’s past, and it is looking more and more like I won’t be able to contribute much this year either. Which is fine! There is a whole crop of excellent bloggers in recent years who have leapt onto the scene with more energy than I am able to muster these days.

Your best bet is to read them and listen to them!

I just wanted to dispense one piece of advice for anyone writing or thinking of writing a blog: Don’t feel like you have to save the world with every post.

Posts come in all shapes and sizes. Some bloggers like Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob or now mostly dark sites like Wall of Text (Brent) or Stylish Corpse (Ysharros) are famous for long, seemingly effortless posts of a thousand words or more. But that may not be your style. If you feel like you have said what you wanted to, and it looks like a half a page or maybe even just a paragraph, be content.

I think the impression sometimes (particularly if you are coming from social media first) is that this is the long form, and needs to fit within that. But if you want your posts to be 140 words or less…go for it. You are not a journalist, and this is not a writing class with grading requirements.

Log in, tap out what you want to say, and call it a day. You might be surprised what kind of thoughts and comments you get, when you don’t fill up all the space with words of your own.

ETA: Here is a round up of the week one posts for NBI. Also, I’m on Scree’s new blog listing thingy now, so I think I’m supposed to add this here: #nbi

One thought on “NBI Is Upon Us: Write the Post, Don’t Save the World

  1. Well said. It’s one of the things I still fall prey to. I have some posts that feel important to me, and tinker with them endlessly. Some of them never get done and end up scrapped or forgotten.
    And if I do publish those overbred things, they seem to go nowhere. I get a lot more attention by short, aphoristical posts. I try not to care too much about page views and comments and all that, but let’s be honest: we all like them. Long story short: don’t over-tinker. Post written quickly from a rough idea are often just as good, if not better, than those long-winding ones that try to deliberate over every facet.

    Hmm… maybe I should work more on my aphorisms. 😉

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