Customer Service Redemption

Some of you know that, like others, I have had issues with Bethesda/Zenimax in the customer service department.

Well, they finally got it all sorted out this week. It took opening a new ticket, but that did the trick. I got an answer within 24 hours (and an apology), and 24 hours later, had my Explorer Pack waiting for me. The total wait time for resolution: 25 days. But, I am glad that it is done.

Like Kaozz though, this has taken some of the wind out of my sails for the enthusiasm I had for the game. It seems a rule by now that every time you stop playing an MMO, it is harder to start up again. And after some number of starts and stops, you just lose interest. And its a shame that my first stop wasn’t a choice I made but through circumstances beyond my control.

I played last night and had a blast, but I know in the bottom of my heart its just not the same.


5 thoughts on “Customer Service Redemption

  1. pkudude99

    Dual-wielding sorcerer? I’m doing that myself. Almost level 28 and “getting there” for the skills I want/need to make it shine. As it is, still a lot of fun, and quite challenging.

    But yeah, once you stop it’s hard to go back. I love TSW, but right now I’m on hiatus until Tokyo comes out, and even then there will be inertia to overcome in order to get me logging back in. I’ve tried to go back to EQ2 a few times, and just… can’t. And in this case, where it’s a new game that hasn’t had a chance to get its hooks in you yet…. much easier to walk away.

    Gotta love he human psyche, no?

    1. Indeed. I wish it weren’t so! Actually that screenie is a bit of false advertizing. I’m actually playing a Templar, but some guy had his pet out right next to me, and it made for a nice pic, so I snapped the button. (-: The Sorcerer lines didn’t really click with me in testing, and I wanted to be able to heal regardless of what weapon I had slotted, so that seemed like the best choice. I do have alts for the Dragonknight and Nightblade though. My plan for the Nightblade is to go bows/destruction staff and ranged dps, so it will end up being something of a Sorcerer when its all said and done.

      1. pkudude99

        Heh, I wondered since it was next to you rather than behind. Now I know. . . .

        For my own characters I’ve got a “mage-plar” that’s AOE dps focused using the Solar Barrage morph, the .. um.. spear sweep ultimate, Biting Jabs, and using a destruction staff so currently has the elemental blockade and will eventually have Impulse. And of course, the ability to self-heal when needed, regardless of weapon.

        I’ve got my dual-wielding melee sorcerer — the skills for massive melee attack and defense buffs are there, they’re just high in the trees. I really can’t get into the whole nuking sorcerer thing myself either.

        I’ve got a nightblade healer. Has used a restoration staff from the very beginning. Is only level 20 but has the 1st 4 skills unlocked and morphed already for it (and did pretty well last week in Wayrest Sewers too, I might add).

        And my Dragonkinight is an AE-focused fire wizard. Definitely not a tank.

        I’ve got other character slots open and do plan to make a few others, but…. it’s all a ways off. Still working on these ones I already have.

  2. pkudude99

    FWIW, my melee sorcerer is now level 38 and is pretty well “built out” in the active skills, though still waiting on some of the passives. He does quite well. I’ve got critical surge now and a 30% crit rate while melee, so I’m healing myself quite a bit when I hit things. Once I get my Dark Magic passive that grants another 15% crit and the dual-wield passive that does more damage to targets that are snared/stunned/disoriented, etc. . . hopefully it REALLY takes off then. With Crit Surge and Bound Armaments running I’m softcapped on physical defense and weapon damage. It’s working nicely. I’m not invulnerable, but I can keep myself up quite well.

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