The Merry Month of May

Well, I was gone for about half of it. Nothing bad really, just three separate out of town trips, plus family coming into town twice. And if you have kids finishing one school and moving to another (I have two fitting in that category), then it gets even crazier.

So, I only played one game for most of the month. World of Warplanes was running their “Summer Wind” event, and completing all the missions got you two tier 6 premium planes, 15 days of premium time, and 5 hanger slots. That’s about $40 in goods, for those of you keeping count at home.

And I did manage to “catch ’em all” to borrow a phrase, but it did take a rather humorous ending. I was on a silent prayer retreat most of last week. I snuck down to the retreat center lobby at 1am and played with the speakers on my laptop muted for the last five battles I needed to complete everything.



But as you can see, it was worth it.

So what now? Well, I am trying to slow down a little. I am alternating my two serious games (Elder Scrolls, Warplanes) with more casual game (Hex), and a brand new casual one (Marvel Heroes). And I am saving a couple of nights a week on reading and catching up on some time with my spouse…

4 thoughts on “The Merry Month of May

    1. I was praying that I would win as much as possible so I had to play as few matches as possible at 1am via slim light lol. I went 3 for 3, getting an ace in the last match, so that put a nice bow on it.

      I will admit that, yes, the three hours of silent prayer the next day went a little smoother with that off my chest. (-:

  1. That sounds like an interesting use of your time during your exercises. 😉

    Since you said it was a silent retreat, _and_ it was in the middle of night, you probably didn’t swear too much at least! 😀

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