UGC Announces Its “Retirement”

Kind of a sad day, but not for the games themselves, and maybe just for me.

When you play a lot of online games, but nobody else that you know does (or very few), its a little harder making out birthday and Christmas lists. So for the last..oh, I don’t know how many years…I have directed my friends and family to Ultimate Game Cards. UGC seemed to have a line on just about everything I was playing – Star Trek Online, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, Uncharted Waters Online, Mechwarrior Online…the list goes on.

And it got to be a bit of a tradition that I would take pictures and hand them off. My wife’s grandparents got me one – I mailed them a thank you card with a picture of my new Nebula class. My parents got me a few, a bought a plane, and it’s the current background image you see now of the P-40 M-105 in World of Warplanes. So everyone knew – for HZero, those red cards at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Dollar General – those help with everything he plays.

But like Shadowbane and Warhammer, and soon, Vanguard, UGC is set to go the way of the dodo:


UGC is suggesting Rixty Cards as a replacement, but you can’t just buy those anywhere, and so as a gift option, that doesn’t really work as well for me. And while many games and companies like Wargaming or Marvel Heroes have their own cards now, those are generally only available in larger denominations ($20-25), while UGC’s could be bought in smaller varieties ($10-25), which was an added bonus.

The last day to purchase UGC’s (assuming you can still find them at retailers) is August 15th, and the last day to redeem codes is September 30th.


3 thoughts on “UGC Announces Its “Retirement”

  1. You ever hear of Bing Rewards? Look it up. Really. Do a number of searches per day (REALLY easy to do if you use the suggested links), and earn enough credits to trade in for gift cards easily. It’s not much, like $5/month in Rixty/Amazon/Starbucks/whatever cards, but it’s easy to get. I stay with Rixty/Amazon usually. But really, check it out.

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