Trion: Still Fumbling With Public Relations Four Years Later

Almost four years ago I got that the infamous email about the Rift Beta. The one that indicated that I had gotten into the Beta, but actually was just announcing that Beta was starting. Fast forward to ArcheAge, a game I want to be in so badly that I created a account so I could play on the Russian server, but not quite so bad that I was willing to pay $150 for the Alpha test. And, so, fast forward to this new email 10 days ago, a week before the first Beta event:

ArcheAge Closed Beta starts next week – reserve your spot today!

That’s fairly normal. But since the cheapest Beta package is going for $50 (and honestly, as I’ve mentioned before, its a terrible deal value wise), which is more than I have paid for any MMO since I don’t know when, and since I already get to play it (albeit without understanding much of what is going on around me), that’s not happening. But, the email reminds me, you don’t have to buy in, people will be selected. I was probably one of the first people to sign up with Trion for information, and I’ve Alpha and Beta tested for them before, so I figured I probably had a good shot at the Beta. And sure enough, I got this email a few days later:

Closed Beta begins…right now

Yes….Closed Beta! It begins RIGHT NOW…oh…no. Yes, it begins RIGHT NOW. But NOT FOR ME. Because SURPRISE, WE STILL SUCK AT PUBLIC RELATIONS. Yeesh.

Look, I am not upset that I didn’t get in. I’ve seen more of the game than most. I just don’t like gettin’ my chain yanked. Twice. By the same company. And this time I’m sure there will be no Scott Hartsman riding in on a white horse to save the day.

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