Hanger Update

So, things have been progressing quite smoothly in World of Warplanes. I still have a spot in the Hall of Fame, though its about 50 spots removed from my peak of 140 or so. But that’s not because my stats have dipped, but rather because population has increased and some new good pilots have joined, so I am happy about that. Even playing as much as I do, I have not made my first tier 10 yet, because I tend to jump around (yes, altitis exists in MOBA as well!).

So, here is my current top tier warbird:

So new it hasn't left the hanger yet.
So new it hasn’t left the hanger yet.

And nipping on its heals, the rest of my leveling garage is almost all one tier behind:

Some of these are bought but untouched...
Some of these are bought but untouched…

And a couple of them are two tiers behind:

But I love them just as much.
But I love them just as much.

And that is every line in the game, save for three:

a) The only Ground Attack line (I enjoy the gameplay, but the line doesn’t interest me)

b) The partial Russian “Derp” line (Yak’s with big cannons, currently at tier 5)

c) And two heavy lines: The Brits (tier 4) and the Americans (tier 6).

Next garage sale I will fix some of that by buying four slots – two for the missing heavy fighter lines, one for the only premium I don’t own yet (IL-2(mod)), and one just in case.

And as for stats, well, this time around I’m a tenth of a point lower in both Win Rate (62.02%) and Kill/Death ratio (2.78) than I was before, but I have two thousand more battles under my belt (3,204), a tenth of those at tier 7, where things get dicey without a flight. And my survival rate has staid the same (43%). The crazy thing? I have less than half as many battles as I have in tanks and more than four times the number of Hero Medals (Top Gun/Ace).

Up next? Well, I need to drive onward to tier 10 (466,300 XP to go!) and pressure is mounting for me to join a Clan. Good pilots are still hard to come by, and I’m getting some invites to fly with the best. As much as I like my independence, it might be time to settle down.