Coming Up For Air

So I’ve spent the last 7 weeks or so deep in the clutches of World of Warplanes. I’ve surpassed the 4,000 battle mark now, and have every line in the game at tier 6 or above (two of them at tier 8 being the highest). But all that was just grinding for a couple of fairly large carrots:

reward planes

The early Mk1 version of the Gloster Meteor (t7 premium) and the Hawker Hurricane IID (t5 premium). I don’t know if we are just on a British roll or what over at the developer studios, but there they are. The Meteor was the reward for a very long and heavy August grind, the Hurricane was the September reward, and while it was a little easier (finished in 3 weeks instead of 4), outside of a few ESO sessions with my brother, that’s been about all I’ve done with my now limited game time.

In the middle of all that, the newest update dropped. With it came the bad (joystick control went through a pretty thorough shift, and many players gave up rather than recalibrate their controls), the ugly (lots of people whined about the changes to ground targets and game balance, though they were sorely needed), and the good. The good was mainly in the form of an amazingly unheralded change to a single tier spread in matchmaker. No more t4’s against t6’s or t6 prop planes against t8 jets. And yet, despite that being the most requested feature, the update caused major uproar.

The good news is that a bunch of new players apparently have found the game more palatable now, and the population, while still fairly low overall, has stabilized. Oh, and the other good thing? This:


While its a Chinese version of the Japaenese army air corp plane, it was a welcome addition and flies quite well. Its become one of my favorite planes.

TL;DR – I’m taking a little break. I’m fairly burned out, and so I’m spending my gaming time for the next couple of weeks on ESO (which has really grabbed me) and on WarThunder’s ground forces, which I continue to enjoy. While it has a few bugs in it still, the game is gorgeous and its hard not to get swept up in the atmosphere of the game and Gaijin’s obvious passion for the content.

shot 2014.08.01 22.15.44

Oh and, hopefully, that means more posting now too.

2 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. Ruax

    You should really play WT airforces instead! I have played WoWp 2000+ battle in Beta. Never looked back. WT is miles ahead of WoWp.

    1. I play WT airforces, and its just as gorgeous, but it has two major problems. The first is that for a mouse player, control is terrible. You can not complete a simple loop-the-loop using a mouse. Gaijin has passion, but they lack the technical expertise to make the game playable for the casual gamer. The second major problem is the gameplay itself – it takes far to long to get into battle and far too little time to die and have to repeat that process. That ground forces gameplay shaves that off time down considerably with its smaller maps and closer rez points is at least a tacit acknowledgement that Gaijin knows its a problem.

      So, while I play it and enjoy it, the airforce portion of the game is not in any way ahead of WoWp. Its just a different product marketed to a different audience. Fortunately for me, I’m enough of a historical fanboy *and* casual gamer that I can play and enjoy the advantages of both.

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