Fire and Ice, But Not A Song Of…

So I just read that Frank Frazetta’s Fire and Ice has a chance at becoming a live-action movie.

But can you really resurrect Frazetta in this day and age?

Frank Frazetta-Tales from the Crypt

Sony may just be grasping at straws to fight back against the media narrative since the cancellation of the interview that Sony won’t do anything controversial anymore and that artistic license in film making is taking a hit overall. Because given the nascent level of wrath and outrage in an social media mob, and a heightened perception of sexism that borders on pareidolia

Can you see it?
Can you see it?

I’m not sure a movie with concept art like this…

Is ever going to make it into the theatres. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Fire and Ice, But Not A Song Of…

  1. I think there might be a market for it, especially under Rodriguez’ direction. Remember Machete and Machete Kills? Now it depends on the actual quality of the film whether it does big box office. The recent remake of Conan the Barbarian with Jason Momoa didn’t do that great, but shows like Game of Thrones and Marco Polo (a Netflix exclusive) are heavy on nudity and gore and popular.

  2. I think nudity in and of itself isn’t a huge draw unless you’re talking the 18-30 male demographic, which granted is a fair few movie- and tv-watchers. As a not 18 or 30 or male person, I’m fine with nudity provided it’s either a) eye-candy (and there’s a fine line between that and pure sexploitation) or b) has a point (pardon the pun).

    I liked the airbrushed perfection of Frazetta and Vallejo’s work in my teens, but outgrew it, much as I outgrew a great many sci-fi authors (notably Heinlein, whom I like better in memory than in fact these days). As a woman I don’t hate it per se, but the whole boobs-clinging-to-manly-legs thing is just… a little silly.

  3. @Rowan: Rodriquez’ previous movies have revolved around strong female leads though,which tends to be a mitigating factor in the criticism. Fire and Ice is, at its core, a “damsel in distress” story, and I’m not sure that will play as well.

    @Ysharros: I will never forget reading an interview with Heinlein’s publisher. He said something to the effect that Heinlein could write better with one hand tied behind his back than most writers could on their best day. And that he wished Heinlein would untie his other hand. This was in response to a question about Heinlein’s foray into incestuous love scenes. (-: In other words – Heinlein got away with a lot of stuff nobody else could have because he was just so talented. I think if Fire and Ice is going to be successful, Rodriguez is going to have to make everything else so good that audiences are willing to forgive the chainmail-bikini clad princess tied up in the dungeon motif.

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