To the Surprise of No One…

Transformers Universe will die before ever leaving Beta testing.

Because all those 30-45 year olds with money and nostalgia are dying to open their wallets for a Transformers game using a continuity of the universe they know nothing about to allow them to play a twitch-based PvP MOBA with no storylines or familiar characters and all those 18-30 year olds who long for twitched based PvP MOBA’s are really into the cartoon series their kid brother is watching.

Told you so.

3 thoughts on “To the Surprise of No One…

    1. Yes, there was, though I think calling it “Transformers Arena” would have been better truth in advertizing. (-:

      I am still shaking my head over this. I said in 2010 that whoever actually took a stab at this IP would probably miss the point, and boy did they ever.

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