That Stings

Whoever created this SteamLeft website is one of those people that, in the immortal words of Michael Caine/Alfred The Butler, “just want to watch the world burn.”  Nothing good can come of this information that I now can not unsee.  ::sigh::






10 thoughts on “That Stings

      1. 1663 hours continuous (24 hours a day) is 69 days 7 hours, as stated. 4 hours a day is 1/6 the playing time, or 6x (600%) the number of days to complete (415 days, 18 hours). 🙂

      2. You are right about the one-sixth, that means the time is increased by that percentage, not the inverse of that percentage. 1663 hours / 20 hours of play a day = 83.15 days. Your calculation assumes I only play 4 hours a day 1663 / 4 hours = 415.75 days. (-:

  1. Oh, I see. Sorry, I thought for some reason you were suggesting 4 hours of sleep each day lol. Yes, playing only 4 hours a day would make that task much, much longer.

    1. Yeah, I also assumed you would have lifestyle commitments that would preclude playing anywhere near 24 hours a day—never mind biological needs. I have a daytime job, so my game time is in the evening.

      Thankfully, I have no such backlog on Steam.

      1. Normally that would be true, but I was musing on something I ended up not writing here – I have a three month sabbatical in the pipe this year. Playing 20 hours a day was a number I had already calculated because that’s what I would need to do to finish the backlog while I was off..

        Of course, I’m not actually going to spend my sabbatical that way, it was more of a theoretical exercise.

        It probably also doesn’t help that I’m battling the flu right now. I’ve noticed that temperatures in excess of 100 degrees F tend to warp my thinking and attention to detail. :-p

  2. You can at least point at that number and say, “See, I don’t waste nearly as much time playing video games as I could!”

    Let me know if that works for you. Never cuts me and slack at our house. (My SteamLeft number is close to 1,800 hours, though some of those Time To Play numbers they use seem conservative.)

    1. That’s actually a really good angle, but it didn’t make a dent on my wife either. The look she gave me hovered some where between “you’re lowballing” and “do I look like I care” lol.

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