The Man In The High Castle

I had this great post in my RSS feed today and wanted to share it, but I thought I should back up and give the whole story for those who missed it.

If you are a fan of Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner, Minority Report, Paycheck, etc.) then you may also be a fan of his great alternate reality novella The Man In The High Castle, which looks at a 1960’s America jointly occupied by co-conquerors Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.


You may or may not know that Amazon is looking to turn the novella into a TV series, and that you can view the completed pilot episode (and vote on its production). I loved the book and I think the TV show does a phenomenal job of making minimal changes as necessary while capturing the story and spirit of the original.

So, I say all that to say this: the Strange Maps blog (which is fantastic fun), has a post about all the fictional maps made of that fictional world, and takes the TV show version of the map to task a little for being incredibly inaccurate, while offering up a survey of all the maps published for the fictional world. Take a peek, and check some of the other posts on the blog, they are always informative and entertaining.