Crowfall Will See You Now

The registration restrictions have been lifted from their website, and the vaunted Kickstarter campaign has begun.

Its basically Shadowbane: Game of Thrones Edition. Which is not a bad thing at all, from a marketing or gaming perspective.

Regular server resets with changing rules? Check. Character building with base classes, prestige classes, and disciplines, using a points system? Check. Kingdom building with resource gathering and base attack/defense? Check.

I liked Shadowbane. Its the only time I have really dug into and enjoyed a full on PvP MMO. Unfortunately, the game was shut down just as I was getting warmed up. Well that’s not quite true…I was wrestling with the multiboxing issues that were going on (something that Crowfall will have to address eventually as well). The variety of server rules, the ease of leveling to cap (set up more as a speedbump to curtail day one PvP and ganking), and the impressive array of character builds were all very appealing, as was the very group oriented nature of the PvP.

So I may very well end up contributing. But if I don’t I probably will be playing in some capacity, provided they do a decent job with it.


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