Quote of the Day

Like any classic video game, there was that moment of zen-like gaming where you’re just playing on a whole different level.

~ Syp at BioBreak, commenting on Wolfenstein 3-D

The quote resonated with me because I know exactly what he is talking about. Its the same thrill a tank or healer gets in an MMO when pulling out a miracle in a close battle. The thrill you get in a fighting game when you are in this groove where you can’t miss. The trash talk inducing haze that comes when you are laying a beat down on your friend/neighbor in Madden. It happens in World of Tanks, Planes, War Thunder.

And it happens in real life too. I played soccer growing up and love being the goalkeeper because of those moments – we called them “save sequence” or “save barrages” (here’s a video of what I’m talking about – 4 saves in 15 seconds). The moments like that from my life are so memorable that I will never forget them.

Perhaps we love video games because the moments we have like that inside the games. And because in our often broken and “mediocre” lives, we rarely see them face to face, and are willing to take them where and when we can get them. We draw strength and confidence from them, and that’s something most of us could use more of.