Bro, Do You Even F2P?

Man, these F2P titles are killing it! What a great weekend we have lined up! All except one.

SWTOR is doing a double XP weekend – well, not even that, a whole week! With the announcement that next week they will bring back the popular bounty hunting for another week as well. All this along with their usual weekly sales.

And TERA? Also a double XP weekend! And they also are running a cross promotion with ZMR for some silly outfits and also free loot boxes.

World of Tanks is celebrating their gaming league and their 4 year anniversary, last weekend handing out x5 XP bonuses and huge sales on premium tanks and in game gear, and more stuff anticipated this weekend. And War Thunder is running their popular Chronicles series allowing you to reenact popular battles from WW2, as well as running a contest to help fill out their Wiki with good articles. All this in addition to the usual daily random boost and standard weekly contests.

STO continues to run their Delta Recruitment promotion with various skill boosts. NWN has a Wonders of Gond event with free items to collect and such. Uncharted Waters Online (I know, none of you play it) is celebrating a new Chapter of their story and a big game update along with a 50% boost to skill proficiency gain!

And the newest F2P contender, Elder Scrolls Online, they are doing a Welcome Back Weekend, trying to get people to come in and give the game a shot! With a live stream! And … um … yeah. That’s about it. No bonuses. No sales. No boosts. No free stuff – well, unless you enter the costume contest or the orienteering race and try to win a prize. You could buy an exclusive mount this weekend only, for $20. But that’s about it.

Bethesda has a long way to go if they want to succeed at this F2P thing. I know they are trying to be generous in their model, and I appreciate that, but right now they are the one restaurant on the boulevard that doesn’t have a sign out front or a coupon in the newspaper. It looks like its going to be a bumpy road for that team for awhile.

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6 thoughts on “Bro, Do You Even F2P?

  1. Likely to miss the STO thing even though it’s installed and patched because workload. 😦

    More on-topic, maybe Bethesda don’t think they need to be nice to their captive fan-audience?

    1. That’s true in real life Nzz, but in this example, all the restaurants are pretty much equal in quality (AAA F2P), and there is no way to change the menu (genre/IP). So you had better do something to make yourself competitive, or your piece of the pie on Friday night is going to get smaller and smaller.

  2. According to the e-mail I received, ESO is giving you 500 crowns to spend in the cash store if you make use of the welcome back weekend, as well as a discount on the game if you want to buy it afterwards. If only I had the disk space (and time)…

    1. Ah, well that is something good then. None of that was present on the announcement on their web page. Maybe some of their current player base shook some sense into them.

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