AW: Game, Set, Match


There has been some banter back and forth between the giants, much as there was last year between War Thunder and World of Tanks, but that tiny rivalry has been shoved aside (and rightly so, WT makes an entirely different breed of tank game) for this one.

But the banter here has had some bite in it, with jabs traded over twitter and in on-site articles.  And now, this.   I’m not sure how WoT can respond, if at all.  Generally they seem to be letting AW have the last word…


9 thoughts on “AW: Game, Set, Match

    1. Yes. It was one of the first premiums offered and was incredibly overpowered. So they pulled it from the shop and have been adamant that they will never ever sell it again. They give away maybe 5 a year in livestreams and contestes.

      So along comes AW, giving one away for free. Of course, theirs is low tier instead of high, but the message is clear, and consistent with their mantra from launch – any time Wargaming says “no” to something about or in their game, Obsidian is going to say “yes.”

      And so far its made for a better game. I’m curious to see how (or even if) Wargaming reacts – will they start making some of these changes too, or double down on their obstinance and “we know whats best for you” attitude?

      1. BlueFletch

        I’m curious, what is it about AW that you think is better than WoT? I’ve only been in the beta (is it open beta?) for a week or so, but it feels to me like WoT with a more modern engine. Plus PvE, which I do really like. Sure, there are problems with WoT, but I haven’t seen anything to convince me to drop my years with it for AW. If WoT had PvE I’d dump AW without hesitation. WoT still has balance and matchmaking issues, but I find that in every PvP game.

        Thanks for your thoughts

      2. Well outside of the engine and PvE, both of which I agree with, I have several other pluses in my book:

        1) Lower RNG – its maddening in WoT that you can have a shot fully zoomed in and still miss on a regular basis. Remember Hidden and Dangerous? The old FPS? The best shooter on the team, that you wanted on sniper rifle, had 0% RNG. The worst guy had 25% RNG and you never pulled a trigger with him unless it was point blank with an MP-40 and you were holding the trigger. WoT RNG = 25%, AW RNG = 10%. I pull my hair out less often.

        2) Better UI. Literally every mod I use in WoT (and have to update every week or so) is built into the default UI in AW. Its nice to be able to just log in and play, vs. log in, log out, download, unpack, update, log in, pray everything works.

        3) Class Roles. Artillery are finally balanced and limited in numbers. TD’s have good camo, but are rendered on map when they fire. Light tanks don’t dominate gameplay with super high skill ceilings. Autoloaders are limited to low caliber weapons. Base capture wins are a viable option with AFV’s . All of this equates to more varied and interesting gameplay.

        4) Not a chasm of difference between stock and elite vehicles. And getting them to elite is easier and cheaper.

        5) Classic vehicles. By the time you hit t8-10 in WoT, you are playing with either post war or non-historical tanks. And t1-t2 are uninteresting pre war vehicles, mostly tractors with a gun attached. AW keeps you in classic, recognizable vehicles from t1 to t10.

        6) Can I say PvE again? (-:

        At the end of the day, I keep looking at everything AW has done, and I wish that WoT would implement all the same things in their game. If they did, I would have no reason to play AW. I truly enjoy the WWII setting more.

      3. BlueFletch

        Interesting. I didn’t know about #1, and I have definitely been frustrated with my inability to hit/pen things in WoT. #2 and #5 are pretty much non-issues for me, as I don’t run any mods in WoT (or really any game, keeping up with mods is too hard with the too many games I play) and I only know a couple of tanks outside the WWII era anyway. I actually kind of like the ‘in-tank’ progression in WoT (#4), but I agree, sometimes it can be brutally frustrating and doesn’t seem as bad in AW. #3 looks like it still needs work, at least at the low tiers I see, in PvE, the AFVs are super-powered. They routinely get twice the kills as MBTs. It seems like they should be more fragile, even to bots. For #6, yes, you may. PvE is really all I’m playing in AW. I really enjoy it, even though the AFVs are superpowered and there are only a few missions at the low levels.

        I don’t really have any issues with the game, but I have invested a lot of time, and a non-zero amount of money in WoT, so I am pulled there. That, and the fact that it runs much better on my couple-year-old machine than AW, will probably keep me in WoT for my tank PvP.

      4. That’s a great point about AW’s engine being more demanding. I agree about AFV’s as well, though their power level dips significantly at t6 and beyond. And I kinda see the investment I have made in WoT as having been paid back out to me already – I had a lot of battles and a lot of hours of fun, so I was ready for something different and a little less frustrating. But WoT is not a bad game at all. I think maybe its just that AW has spoiled me with some of what I see as “quality of life” improvements, and its hard to go back to not having those anymore.

    2. Also, I’ve tried about 20 times to comment on your blog, it won’t publish them for some reason. May be something on my end, but thought I would give you a head’s up.

      1. Yeah I tried to reply to that one and it won’t take it for some reason. I think its one of my Firefox add-ons that’s conflicting with it, I don’t think its on your end.

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