BB 70 – Dreaming

Its been years since I did an EVE Blog Banter post, but this topic fits a nice bill for me.   You can find more of the BB pack here.

Dear CCP, I want a Space-Pony and a Space-Puppy and a….
If CCP was Santa and you could ask for anything (in-game obviously) what would it be? A new type of ship that is tailored to your game-play? A change to mechanics? A battleship mini-doomsday weapon? Proper hats for your avatar? Opening of that bloody door? There are so many different options depending on what you do and what you want to get out of Eve Online. What would you like to see in your virtual Christmas stocking from CCP?


First off, I would love to have Santa CCP bring me one of the classical aspects of space combat.  I want marines that I can use to board another ship, a space station, or a planetary headquarters.   Where are my drop pods and assault shuttles and power armor?  We already have some concept art and background from Dust 514, Santa CCP needs to hook us up with some mechanics.


Secondly, one of the remarkable online successes this year has been Armored Warfare’s use of PvE matches.  It has drawn players that normally wouldn’t be involved in the game and provides a nice break (or challenge) for the regular PvP crowd).

I would love for Santa CCP to bring me a more detailed, interesting, involved, and fun version of its current boring PvE regimen.  I don’t mind repeatable random missions, but they need to be rewarding enough to be worth the time it takes to do them.  And it wouldn’t hurt if the missions grouped you up with other pilots with similar objectives.

There is a very deep and profitable side of EVE Online that CCP hasn’t even begun to tap yet, and they need to get it going.  And quite frankly, as the game gets longer in the tooth, and the power gap between veterans and newcomers (or even just casual regular players) grows into a chasm, this would be an option for addressing some basic needs in the community.  Even more so with the stasis that null sec seems to have locked itself into.   In other words:  this would be a new and interesting side of EVE for old and new players alike.


I’ll cross my fingers and hope Santa CCP is listening.  It would be great to have a reason to sub up again.  Finally.  :-p

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    1. I love the avatars and the rooms they created on the space stations…but from a lore perspective, I’m not sure why a capsule pilot would ever be involved in face to face interaction with others. So long as you are “plugged in” you are immortal. So long as you are walking around in a crowded bar with others, you are one assassin or jilted family member of a lost crewman from dying permanently.

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