Opening the 2015 Time Capsule

I do this every year in lieu of predictions, and because it is fun for me to gauge expectations versus reality on a year in gaming.   Later this week or early next we will start a capsule for 2016.   But for now, despite my irregular posting as of late, I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on what was a very odd duck year for me personally.

I Was Looking Forward To Three Things…


Level Capping in Marvel Heroes

At this point last year I had just gotten Rogue and wanted to get her and my two favorite characters at the time, Taskmaster and Moonknight, up to a point of max level “or at least to where I have all their fun abilities, including ultimates, unlocked.”  Boy did I nail that one!  And it was as fun as I had hoped it would be!

Level Up

Currently my roster includes all three of those beauties at level 60, with their unique gear and complimentary artifacts, costumes, and trinkets.  Not ready for raiding perhaps,but then I’m not into that, so…yeah.

Behind them includes several characters in their 30’s – Dr. Strange (didn’t enjoy, gave up on him for now), Star Lord (leveling alongside my brother), Hawkeye (on the back burner), and War Machine (my current main character).

I also have four more heroes I want to purchase (Black Panther, Dr. Doom, Psylocke, and Winter Soldier), and own seven that I don’t really have any interest in playing (Iron Man, Thing, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Human Torch, Cable and Thor) thanks to free hero boxes.


Unleashing the Tiger in War Thunder

I never made it there.  I tried to get a better AA tank into the lineup, and then more tanks got added, and then the US tanks came, and then the British tanks came…anyway, I am literally no further along than before.  I have gone an entire year and made zero additional progress towards that Tiger.  I guess I didn’t really want it after all?


More Jets!

I can’t remember what jets I did or didn’t have unlocked at this point last year, but currently I own three of the buggers, five if you count a pair of rocket assisted USSR planes:  Gloster Meteor I, Me 109TL, and the FJ-1 Fury.  I am also very close to unlocking the Me P.1092 and the Yak-15.

WoWp underwent some tremendous changes this year, and my play time with it did too.   I think I quit back in February or March because you just couldn’t get anything other than 3v3 matches and it wasn’t fun anymore.  I skipped a big marathon to get a free t8 premium (which I now regret).   And then later in the year, they added bots to every match, which despite the whining was the best possible move they could have made.  The game is easier now (a good thing for general audiences), population has actually recovered a good bit (up to 600 concurrent from 300 on a normal night), and the old fun of those giant furballs is mostly back.   They also finally added in the Republic  Thunderbolt line.


On the down side – the introduction of pay to win elements like cash exclusive premium ammo.   But then…War Thunder has some obvious P2W elements as well, and I still play it.   In the end, the game was fun again, and this proves that that is pretty much all that matters to me.  I completed the Christmas marathon (just barely) and collected a new t8 premium, this time forgoing a jet for the ultimate iteration of my beloved t5 Spitfire, the t8 Seafang.  And speaking of WoWp…


I Had Three Burning Questions for 2015…


What will become of WoWp?

“Where will things stand a year from now? Will the game be improved, with greater numbers of players, or will it have dwindled south? Will it even still be around?”

Well, despite some hiccups and steps back the game is definitively in a better place than it was a year ago.   Despite our frustrations with the developer (and this is wholly their fault), they have made good progress this year.  Better than I would have thought at this time twelve months ago.  A better game, with twice as many players, is almost unbelievable.   So whatever frustrations I may continue to have, I will do what I can to play and support the game.


What Will Elder Scrolls Unlimited Actually Look Like?

Turns out this wasn’t all that much of a burning question for me.  My sub ran out about the time they went F2P and I haven’t logged in since.  Part of that was the surprising rise of SWTOR that I experienced as my son dove into that and dragged my brother and I along for the (admittedly fun) ride.

So, I don’t really know what things look like there.  I do seem to remember that crafting was changed in a way I did not like, and that nothing really exciting has come out of it.   So with other things on my plate, I have moved on.  I would like to go back for a bit I think….we will see what 2016 brings.


What MMO Closures Will 2015 Bring Us?

Well it brought some, but none that I was all that concerned with.   One I listed as a question mark was Dragons’ Prophet, and it is indeed gone.   One I thought for sure would be dead and done was Pirates of the Burning Sea, but it continues to drive forward in a remarkable display of stubbornness and skill.

Maybe instead I should have asked what MMO changes 2015 would bring us – look at Sony’s buyout, Wildstar’s F2P transition, SWTOR and GW2’s new heavy expansions, etc.  It was definitely a year of movement, and mostly in a positive direction it seems like.

droid crossing

I Had Three Places I Wanted To Return To…


ArchAge Online

Never made it back in, and just haven’t felt that classic “fantasy MMO” itch at all lately.  The classic MMO itch is covered by SWTOR, while the fantasy itch gets scratched via single player RPG’s (brilliant titles like Darkest Dungeon have sucked up my time) and the engaging action combat of TERA Online.  So I’m not really sure what AAO could offer me at this point.


Dominions 4

I did play a solid scenario of this and even blogged the early portions of the game last year.  But despite the great improvements on Dom4, especially graphics, I found it was not quite what I was looking for.   And then this fall Conquest of Elysium 4 was released – basically, a Dominions skinned version of a Rogue/HoMM crossover.   And I went back and played some CoE3, and I realized this was really what I had wanted before.   So CoE4 is on my wishlist for the coming year.


Uncharter Waters Online

Well, UWO underwent some big changes this year itself – being sold off and bought up by a new company.  I like some of the things the new owners have done with the game, but I don’t like that the move meant I can’t play through Steam anymore.  I have it downloaded and patched, but never found time to squeeze into it.  Maybe in 2016?


Well there we go, that’s the 2015 Time Capsule, unlocked and scavenged through.   Next week we will seal another one.   I can only wonder at the moment what January 2017 will look like.