You Can’t Quesh Me!

New years call for new blog layouts, yes?  I like this one but unfortunately it has this terrible propensity for further cropping the images I already cropped to serve as headers.  So if you are currently looking at only half a plane, or my Sith from the nose down, my apologies.

Speaking of which, Lord Valgaut is my new main in SWTOR, and I just finished a run through this post’s titular planet last night.  Having finished up my Agent last year during all the 12x fun, I decided to put away my multitude of alts to finish him up.  I may regret the decision, as I still have only seen half of what SWTOR has to offer, not having a Republic toon above level 15 or so.  As a new subscriber (again) I did get a free Level 60 Token, but I’m not sure quite what to use it on yet.   Maybe a Sith Juggernaut, as that’s the one storyline I already know (from running the game with my brother) and am not really interested in repeating.   Does anyone know if using a Level 60 Token unlocks a class towards the Legendary achievement?  And do you still get to go through all your companion stories if you make a character with that? Hate to miss out on those…


Anyway, its taken me two days to acclimate to all the new systems – mods at even levels, the reformatting of Heroic missions, the Influence system with companions.  I have to say, I like them all so far.  There is only one thing I had always hoped they would upgrade or introduce that is not yet in the game – the ability to switch sub-classes.  Of course, if everything is intact except the main class story (see my questions above) then I guess I could just use the token or pay the money to “remake” my Agent class into the Sniper I always wanted but couldn’t have because we needed a healer long before the appropriate companion class came along.

Anyway, just wanted to pass a thanks along to Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky, for helping to rekindle my desire to explore The Old Republic with his recent posts, and answering some questions for me.

The other touchstone was The Force Awakens of course, thought not in the way I thought.  As we finally get to see the main story of the franchise being written and full of a new and different set of possibilities, it made me come to appreciate The Old Republic time period once again.  Han, Luke, Leia, and the rest are so larger than life that its hard to imagine space in their galaxy for my own imaginative stirrings – but TOR?  Well, TOR seems big enough for everyone.  And right now that suits me just fine.


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    1. Syp’s adventures in FFIV had gotten me interested as well. Wasn’t my cup of tea but the world looks gorgeous and the class bouncing seems nice. Price has been the barrier on that thus far, but as I write this I see the base game is on sale for $10 on Steam…

      I’m not in a place where I can add another sub, but might be worth it to peek in for the 30 days.

      ETA: Actually…I see there is a referral program in place. Would that be beneficial for you? Would give me a two week trial and give us both some benefits if I do ended up subbing up down the line.

      1. Sure! Though in my usual stellar form, I’ve spent all of 2 hours in the game in the last 10 days. Not from lack of interest per se, more from abundance of interest in other things (namely tabletop gaming and work). Hit me up on ysharros at gmail if you want to take advantage of a referral. I’m on Midgardsormr with @psychochild and a couple of other folks I don’t know. Other Twits play on other servers and may have larger communities there.

        You know me – my playing is sporadic at best these days…

  1. Hooray for indirect recruiting! In the spirit of answering questions, as far as I know, starting a new level 60 does not count toward legendary status, nor does it allow you to go though the companions’ conversations. In fact, even on older characters, starting the KotFE chapters blocks any unfinished companion business, which Scooter learned first hand, much to her regret.

    Having said that, using that token to “switch” advanced classes sounds like a fine idea, but you’ll have none of the companion influence you would have on a character you’d leveled yourself. A lot of perks (like datacron acquisition) are legacy wide, so you’ll be able to take advantage of some previous experience. I think the way stuff is coded, asking to switch advanced classes, may as well be asking to change from Agent to Warrior. Despite having the same story, Operative and Sniper really are different classes, as far as the mechanics code is concerned. I would also say, that there have been points in almost every story where I could tell the writers assumed the character would be a certain advanced class.

    1. Thanks for the answers! I figured out this week one of my issues was that I didn’t have Snipe on my toolbar, and for some reason had it in my head that it was a Sniper only ability. Doesn’t seem like much but that’s a key long range ability for a guy who was healing from the back and thought his only offensive options at that range were a dart and a grenade!

      I wonder how that token works on characters who have choice paths then? If I use it on a Sith Juggernaut, will Jaesa be dark side or light side? We need a FAQ for all this stuff.

      1. Hmm I’m sure the answer is somewhere, but Jaesa is literally the only companion that can go Light or Dark (you guessed it, she’s considered a different companion by the game itself). Have you played any KotFE chapters? If not I highly recommend that you go through at least the Prelude to Revan and Shadow of Revan content, if not Makeb and Ziost. The Revan/Ziost stuff sets up KotFE really well; though not absolutely essential to the plot, many of the characters are important. Then take that established character into KotFE. You can use the auto-60 on a new toon later.

      2. Dang, I thought maybe Ashara had the same possibility for my Sith Sorcerer (who I should have played as an assasin…::sigh::).

        No, I haven’t done any of the expansion content. I figured it would be a waste since the Agent story has absolutely no connection to the greater battle/storyline going on. I know all the expansion stuff has something to do with the Emperor, but I have no idea what, and I assumed that was explained in the class stories. Is it not really unveiled until the expansions? If so the, yes, I probably need to shelve the Sorcerer and do the expansion content with my Agent.

      3. Funny that you say you should have picked Assassin. I disliked my Assassin and wished I’d made him a Sorcerer. I even considered making my new Consular a Shadow, but talking with Scooter about it reminded me just how much I dislike the mechanics.

        Honestly, if you want to see how the Emperor ties into the original content, the Jedi Knight is the only class that really has anything to do with him directly (and I’m not really even sure about that). Scooter and I went all the way through with our Sith (and through Revan on our BH and IA), and I don’t feel like we missed out for not knowing the Knight’s story.

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