HEX finally gave me a teensy tiny bit of a chance to show a small sliver of my displeasure at how awful their game and development process has been and why I want my $120 back.

hex survey.jpg
To have more fun, I would have had to have some amount of fun in the first place.

Not that it will make any sort of difference at this point.

But it does get me thinking.   If I’m this salty over $120 in HEX (and the $100 in MWO), I can’t imagine the rage that will explode when/if Star Citizen becomes a thing.

Heck, the amount of venomous bile that was spewed over No Man’s Sky was pretty overwhelming, and it wasn’t even priced that high or waited for that long.  :-p

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. I’ll give you one. Prioritization. We are now three and a half years out from beta, and still do not have even half of the features that were promised within the Kickstarter, by the deliberate choice of Cryptozoic. It appears they feel that continued development of the TCG and eSports aspects of Hex will bring a bigger profit for their efforts than the completion of the MMO aspects of the game. That would be a fair decision if not for the promises made that led people like myself to contribute the money necessary to make the Kickstarter the success that it was.

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