Opening the 2017 Time Capsule – A Little Late

I figured this was as good a place to start as any!

If 2016 was the year in gaming I wanted to forget (due to a dying and then dead laptop), 2017 was not everything I was hoping it would be either.   Not because of technical issues, but real life ones.   In July, we made a personal move as a family, away from pretty much the only life my kids have known.   It was for a lot of good reasons that we did so – some family medical issues, a chance to be closer to family, and some other things.

Protip: You can always get help from your ‘rents, no matter how old you are.

It was a tough process.  Moving for me involves a deep set of interviews set down from above that help with matching openings to pastors – and it takes about six months.  So for the first half of the year, I was traveling a lot, and stressed a lot, trying to make the decision.  The last six months was the move itself, also stressful and busy.   So any gaming I did in 2017 was low commitment and in-and-out, adding a second year of limited gaming.

Anyway, enough of my sob story personal stuff, lets look at my life in gaming, such as it was!


What I Was Looking Forward To in 2017


Exploring more of Black Desert Online.

Unfortunately, I got bogged down after about two months.   I was second guessing my character choice, I ran into a new town and collected some 30 odd quests ranging from crafting to combat to trade, and just…got paralyzed.   And, of course, having limited time didn’t help with the sorting out process.  I updated the client last night though (30 gb of updates in one year, ugh!) and I think I may dip my toes back in.

Post-holiday blues…

More World of Tanks Tournaments.

Well, this didn’t happen either,  but this time it wasn’t my fault!   With the esports season opening again, WoT stopped offering all of their 1v1 and most of their 3v3 tournaments.   I expected them to return after the season, but they never showed back up.  And then a few months ago, word came down that WoT was getting out of the esports scene (good, finally!) and out of the tournament scene altogether, which was being outsourced to third parties, which is only just now getting ramped up and involves less prizes and more hoops.  As a result – no more tournaments for me.

Cloud Pirates.

Launched in February, died in like…October?   I don’t remember when Mail.Ru (…oh sorry, pulled the plug, but it was way too soon.  The game was just coming into its own.  Not that they didn’t make a host of mistakes, because they did (a small one – the global chat was international, and thus mostly useless), but the game itself was solid and fun.   The bright side was after a month long fight with customer service, my $40 buy in from the Collector’s Edition was shuffled over to Armored Warfare.   And more on that trainwreck below…

My Burning Questions For 2017


Will Star Citizen finally go supernova?

Apparently not? I mean they did get sued, but not for being vaporware, so I’m not sure that counts.  But I’m not really sure it went anywhere at all this year either.   Big surprise.

What of my depressing Steam Back Catalogue?

Its still depressing.  But I think I made some progress.  With the whirlwind of activity, I did not actually track this.  However, some sleuthing reveals that my Recent tab has gone from the 66 I recorded it at last year to 89, so on paper that’s 23 more games played.   However, my total catalogue increased by about 20 as well.  In the nitty gritty though, two of those were games that ended up not being functional for me (Endless Legend and Wurm Online), several were nostalgia pickups that I had already played, and probably another half dozen were free games I grabbed just because or part of a package where I didn’t really have an interest in the game.

So the end result is that I probably played about 15 games, and it looks like 5 of those were new.  So that puts me at 10 games caught up on.   I remember the ones I didn’t like: Hand of Fate, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Killing Floor, Valkyria Chronicles, Total War: Warhammer (I know, I know, but I suck at RTS.  I’ve played like, 6 battles, and I’ve lost every single one of them).

Most of the ones I enjoyed were new games I picked up this year: Five Nights at Freddys (deserved the hype), Fairy Fence F: Dark Advent Force (hilarious, tugs on a bunch of RPG/JRPG tropes), Pathfinder Adventures (amazing, can’t wait for more DLC), and Divinity: Original Sin (fun, but waiting to do a co-op campaign with my brother).


So, as I thought, about half and half on the thumbs up vs. thumbs down!

What of Armored Warfare’s Balance 2.0?

Well, it launched.   But I’m not sure it really solved anything.   I mean, its a different game for sure, but I’m not sure its any better.  I played long enough to finish the 5 Episode Storyline Campaign that took place over the course of some 9 months or so.  And I got the final rewards.

But after that, I tapped out.   The PvE is just boringly repetitive, and the PvP is non existent.   They launched on Steam, which was a major suggestion from the playerbase, but they did it without a shred of advertising or build up.  And even worse, they dropped an epsisode of the campaign, and made the goals high  tier only, and set it to overlap with the Steam launch.   So the existing playerbase wasn’t able to rub elbows with the new people and boost the queue for games, and most people quit after a day or week of not being able to consistently get matches.    As a result, despite the fact that I had some $40 of credit moved from Cloud Pirates to AW with its closure, I haven’t spend it.   I can’t figure out their game plan or if they even have one.   Or half a brain to run it.   Very frustrating for a game that was so good.

And don’t even get me started about the hostile takeover of the game that left Obsidian out in the cold.  Both they and share the blame in the game’s failure, in my opinion.

Yes, it was a real thing.  No, we never put it into production.

Bonus: More MOBA’s?

Nope.  I barely had time for the MOBA’s I did play.


Where Will I Go In 2017

World of Warcraft?

Nope.  I never came back.   I dipped in and out of a bunch of games, but never spent anything more than a month or so in any of them.

Something On Cooldown?

Several games made it out of the Cooldown folder and back onto the Desktop, including brief runs in Secret World: Legends (enjoyed it better than the original), TESO (finally figured out how to skill my Templar, which lead to a month long run there), and SWTOR (with shutdown fears, I subbed up to try to finish the storylines…and again became bored out of my mind, if not outright outraged with how bad the storylines actually are).

Back on Tatooine, but working for the “good guys” this time.

3rd Person Paradise?

I…don’t think I played a single third person game this year.  Unless you count some of the traditional MMO’s.    Oh well.

Anyway, that’s it.  I’m back.   I’m (mostly) settled.   And if any of my bloggings buddies are ever passing through the A-T-L, send me a message and I’ll buy you lunch.

Any day with traffic this light is a good day.