How to Insure Failure for Your Game


Armored Warfare shows you how!   Behold:




And then a few short months later….



Yep, that’s my legendary reward.   That I worked six months to obtain.   In a borderline unreasonable grind that was deliberately scheduled over holidays and formatted in such a way as to force players to play daily to meet the objectives.


That’s my legendary reward.  That is being given away for free in contests and obtained from freely distributed loot boxes.   And before you ask about the odds – no I don’t know what they are, but yes I do know that players have been receiving them, so the odds can’t be bad at all.


But, in any case, this is how you kill any game, from Star Wars Galaxies on down the line to Armored Warfare.   Its a recipe for failure that is certain and sure:


Take your most invested and dedicated players, lie to them, and then stab them in the back.