Tarkov Day 2: What a difference a day makes…

Two things happened in last night’s rounds. The first is that a basic layout of the map clicked in my head. I went from never having played on the map to knowing the two always open extracts. Its incredible but matching map to visual instead of the other way around really is the way to go.

And secondly, while my total kills didn’t go up all that much, I got way more comfortable. Maybe that’s because of the repetition, or maybe its because I immediately embarrassed myself when I first logged in, and pushed myself to make up for it.

You can tell that, either way, I’m worn down by match number four. My accuracy dips, I forget to loot, and I miss visual/audio cues. I noticed the same thing in World of Tanks years ago, and I locked myself into 10 battles per night and then worked my way up to feeling good about 20. Here, it explains why just dipping into some ratting feels good after the intensity of being chased around a small map for an hour.


I oopsed the first two matches because I forgot to pull the holo-sight off of the AK-104. As I learned, I didn’t really need it, because I was able to duplicate the results from E2 in E3 without it. But I did feel more comfortable with the AK and its bigger round. Or maybe just more confident. Either way, it was a win. I’ll keep changing guns each night, which should be fun.


I’m making a few small changes to account for things I’ve encountered. The first is I’m not going to play by match necessarily. I took a 5m break after match 3 last night, because that was the one that put me over the 20m mark . I’m sure eventually I will play and survive a single match for 20m, but until then, or if I get smoked early like last night, I’m going to just push on immediately. Because its offline raids and the loadout is restored after the match, I can just dive right back in without having to kit up.

I have a feeling that’s a good learning for real matches as well. Spend less time worrying about the kit and more time in the game. Which has also forced me to clean up my inventory. If things really go out the window after 2 matches or so, there is no reason to keep guns I don’t have ammo for, or parts for guns I haven’t yet grabbed.


For tonight, I’m committing to playing through on my PMC. I need to be grinding the XP and the experieinces, and most of the daily XP comes from scav kills and successful extractions – and those can really only be done on your PMC.

After that, I’ll probably be out a few days. It’s Spring Break around these parts, and I need to get these restless kids out of the house for a few days. 😄