Who Am I?

I have opinions about games.  And I have questions about games.  And I can write.  So that pretty much qualifies me for a blog.  You might ask “why should I read this one?”  And I don’t really have an answer to that.  Still, I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you have any tips, feel free to pass them on my way. 

You can find me at  s i l v e r e l f 4 at a o l . c o m

But for the deeper story: I’ve been playing MMO’s for the last eight years.  My first was the now defunct Everquest: Online Adventures and my latest has been The Secret World.  I like PvE group fun, but I hate large scale raiding.  I like crafting and economy in PvP games, but rarely the PvP itself.

I also love games outside of MMO’s.  RPG, Miniatures, PC, Console, even a few CCG’s (you should see my M:TG deck, which was created circa ’94).

Personally, I’m a guy who invests decent time every week, but doesn’t consider himself a hardcore player.

I have a wife, three kids (two girls and a boy), and a steady job. 

Desktop – AMD FX-8150 3.6 Ghz Eight-Core, 8g 1600 mhz RAM, 2 Tb HD, and NVidia GTX 560 2 Gb video card, Soundblaster Audology card, Liquid Cooling, etc…all wrapped up in a Xion Predat
or case.

Laptop – Lenovo Y500 gaming laptop. i5 Core, 8g RAM, and a pair of GTX750m video cards working in tandem to bring the awesome.

Periphereals – Razer Carcharias headset, Razer Orochi mouse.


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