Compy is Limping

Well things have been quiet as of late.   My gaming laptop, which is my primary work and play computer, bit the dust less than a week after my last post.  I was able to resurrect it only to have it die again.  We’ve now gone through that process three times.  It has not been pleasant.

Long story short, after running every diagnostic and repair known to humanity, I have concluded that my motherboard is dying, albeit slowly.  And quite frankly, I don’t have the cash on hand to replace this thing, particularly since it hasn’t hit the 3 year old mark yet.

So, color me initially very happy and now very unhappy with the Lenovo Y500 series.  I’m open to suggestions for the future, but for now, I have to limp this guy along until August on a wing and a prayer.

This has limited my ability to game, obviously, as a lot of evenings have been spent troubleshooting and fidgeting with software and hardware.

We do have a family desktop, which has mostly been subsumed by my wife’s day job and photography business.  But I elbowed out some space this week and loaded SWTOR and Shadowrun Chronicles up onto it, since that tends to be what I play with my son and brother most often.  But obviously, I don’t have access to it eveyr night.

I have downloaded Armored Warfare onto it and my laptop as well, since we are in the middle of the spring marathon there and it seems to be stable.  I seem to have had some sort of break through too.  Because things like this seem to happen once a night now.


Heck, I even got a bonus in that match – someone calling me a hacker.  That checks all sorts of internet gaming bingo boxes doesn’t it?

Anyway, I have to admit that’s part of the reason its found its way into my regular gaming rotation.  I thought World of Warplanes might have been a fluke – the one game I was destined to be good at or something.  But it looks like I may have the chops to do well here too, and I’d like to see what that’s like.  Plus, the game hits all sorts of childhood nostalgia for a kid who grew up with nearly the entire collection of these:

You know you had some of these too…

In any case, while my posting here has already slowed down, it may now slow even more.  We will see what happens in the next couple of months.