All the Way To The Top

While Syp has been expanding his base of low level heroes during the incredible boosts that Marvel Heroes has showered us with in the last week, I went the opposite road. I have a passing familiarity with all the characters, but a real interest in playing only a handful of them. And I know one of those will be coming down the pipe later this year (War Machine), so I decided to take the three I have actually spent money to acquire and spend a lot of quality time with them.

With all the boosts that quality time resulted in me hitting the level cap last week – twice.

Rogue, who I bought because of her unique gameplay: her abilities come from stealing/borrowing them from others, which allows you to design some pretty unique and fun combos. I settled on a version of rogue using the combined powers of Pyro, Mandarin, Magneto, Iron Man, Gorgon, and Nova. Basically, she was a Ranged Energy build with some wicked passives that gave me a nearly limitless pool of Spirit and crazy boosts to damage. I literally floated through any area I pleased smashing and electrocuting things into oblivion. Anyone who did manage to get close got a taste of my Magik’s blade (my chosen Team Up hero). I rolled her from level 40 to 60. But I wasn’t content.

Level Up

No, I wanted a brawler as well. Someone who waded into the thick of it could take on all comers. That is clearly a Moon Knight agenda. So Moonie I started out with at level 30 from some previous adventures. And it took awhile. Melee is tougher than ranged to level, and some of Moon Knight’s abilities, true to his comics, rely on him getting trashed before he reaches his full potential. Not like, drunk, but like, punch-drunk. He is really a hero that you want taking damage, and it took awhile to get the rhythm of that and find a nice combination of abilities that made it work. It was pretty satisfying to just deliver a solid beat down, and it was so fun I did it for 30 straight levels. And then to cap it all off, his ultimate ability is sort of a Indiana-Jones-Pulls-A-Gun moment: After all those beatdowns and fist punching, you can click a button and have the Moon Copter drop a load of rockets and autocannon fire in an area for total devastation.

And now I have a pair of 60’s. I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out the bank, making sure my newly crowned kings had a full suite of uniques, and then fondly packing them away.

I have two more characters on the docket that I really want to spend time with (Dr. Strange and Taskmaster), and two more I’m interested in after that (the newly buffed Scarlet Witch and Psylocke). Assuming all these other games don’t distract me – we are still on XP boosts for TOR and TERA both, and I need to spend a little time if I want to extend this whole level-cap attitude to other areas of my gaming universe!