Longest Wait?

What’s the longest you’ve ever had to wait on a response from CS support ticket? I’m currently at eight days and counting. The crazy thing is that they asked me for information, I replied a few minutes after that, and here I am, eight days later, still waiting for them to tell me that they verified my account and we can proceed.

Even worse, they are already in the doghouse because they sent me a canned response that did not match my ticket, and that was dated as a response to an issue that included dates that were two days previous to my ticket. In other words, they not only sent me a script that didn’t match, they didn’t bother updating the script to even pretend like they cared.

The game is good, but so far the customer service center is setting new lows in the industry.

Of Skyrim and Stubborn Holdouts

So the Steam Summer Sale has been progressing.  I’ve three times now been tempted to pull the trigger on a deal, but I’m in a bit of a spending freeze, as I mentioned early.   I do have a small bit squirreled away and I’ve been trying to decide how to spend it.


Skyrim has been high on my list for awhile, and like Wilhelm, I was hopefuly that this sale would finally be the nudge that Bethesda needed to put Skyrim down at the $19.99 mark, where it belongs.   In years past with other TES offerings, there was always a price drop to that mark when the enevitable Game of the  Year Edition arrived.   I see the Legendary Edition as being a corollary to that, and so, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that its taken them nearly two years to get there, I fully expected to see that price tag arrive.


But instead, we got this:




So now I face a dilemma.  And the dilemma is not whether or not to buy, because I’m not going to.  The dilemma is this:  who is being more stubborn about this: Bethesda or me?


One the one hand, you can look at this and say: “Its one buck, get over it and enjoy a great game.  Are you kidding me, just get the Legendary edition since its cheaper than the GotY editions would have been at this point!”   And those arguments certainly have merit.


On the other hand, you can look at it and say: “Seriously?  You guys are so strapped for cash that you are making everyone pay $1 more than usual?  Or do you just think this TES is better and so commands a higher price?”


So that’s the question, which of us is being more stubborn?