Yeah I finally played some Minecraft.

I can see why its pretty addictive.  I’ve thus far only played the free single player version, which has made it a nice diversion from the regular.  For awhile I didn’t really see the appeal.  Then somebody showed me this youtube video and it dawned on me:  I can build anything I want.  But then I didn’t know *what* to build.  It was oddly reminiscent of starting NaNoWriMo – realizing you have this great power, followed by a sense of being overwhelmed because you don’t know what exactly to do with it (I wonder if rookie Superheroes go through a similar process?).

Anyway, I saw a big stack of grey stone and realized I could build a castle.  And I remembered a sketch I did probably ten years ago of a castle for a DnD campaign.  Now was my chance to flesh it out and see it “in real life.”   I determined that I would be flexible, using existing terrain as much as possible, and that it would be big.  But I think I may have made it too big.

I’ve gone through successes and failures.  I redirected water flow to fill a moat, but I brought the water in from two valleys away and by the time I got back to the castle, it was flooded.  Turns out I had the entrances below “sea level.”  But then I’ve had some unexpected success too.  I build a spiral staircase on the first try, just on instinct of how wide it should be and how the steps should flow.

Mostly at this point, I’m stuck on the SW corner of the castle.  Everywhere else the castle floor is level, or with some water in it where I’ve attached an indoor “dock” of sorts.  But in that corner there is a deep chasm under a tall hill that butts right up against the wall.  So I’m trying to preserve it as a dungeon while also knocking back the hill.  It hasn’t been easy to marry those two things.

Next up I think I’m going to build a “life size” replica one of the ships from SWTOR.  We don’t have layouts on the Jedi/Sith ships yet, but I could probably map out one of the others pretty easily.  But it will probably be awhile.  I have some Rift Beta to play at the moment…