Too Many Null Sec Pilots?

A pilot I’ve known for awhile now just joined our corp, back from null sec.  I had assumed on first seeing him that his corp had been mauled in the war, as they were probably on the wrong side of things out that way.  Turns out this was not so much the case, though it has been a bit hairy.  No, he was fired.  Booted.

You sir, are fired,'re just fired. Get out of here.

But not for spying.  Or for being a bad pilot and costing them ships in fleet encounters.  Because he lost ships to NPC’s.  He was trying solo a particularly difficult mission, and lost a couple of ships.  And this in some way hurt their killboard stats (I thought that was only for PvP kills?) and so they fired him.  And they gave him 24 hours “safe passage” to clear his out his hanger and get back to empire space.  Unfortunately, he was not on when they decided this, or in the next 24 hours.  He logged in, and managed, with a little luck managed to get his own hide clear with some of his stuff.  But all of his ships and the bulk of his gear are still there.  And the corp won’t let him back in to get it out.

Even worse, he came out because our buddy, one of their chief officers, has been unable to intercede on his behalf, even for temporary safe passage.  I suppose our buddy could always try to carry some out for him, but wouldn’t this hurt the corp more, to lose time from one of their key players while he played cargo pilot?

I guess I just figured that null sec corps didn’t have an overabundance of decent pilots, to the point where they could fire people without warning or additional training, to the point where the bad publicity from such a firing could have impact on future recruiting.  Guess I’ll have to revise that estimate eh?

All Night Long

That’s my new corp.

Well, it’s not really *new* new.  See my buddy that I tag along with in EVE is a popular guy.  When he facilitated this merger, he not only brought me and the other two from our corp on board, he brought a bunch of pilots – most of them veterans, from the original alliance that we had belonged too, Shadows of Light.  And this became the nucleus of the merged corp that we belonged too.  But as sometimes happens, those vets were restless, and when you add that into the corp still not having a full handle on the one trouble maker – well meaning as he often was, a conspiracy took root.

Originally the plan was to wait and make a break from our current corp to form a new one over in Gallente space in January.  Sufficient notice would have been given, it would have been slow over the holiday’s anyway, etc.   But for some reason the founding vet left much much sooner.  And the end result was that our corp of a dozen or so lost half of its members to this new corp in the space of 24 hours.   That, my readers, is not cool, no matter how you slice it.

So while I have packed and moved myself, transitioned back into Gallente space, and am happy with the company and location and the possibilities therein, I stayed an extra day with our old corp on purpose.  I apologized to the corp leader and the rest of the people for what I think was a poor and hasty decision, and generally speaking, tried to do the right and honorable thing.

It probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, and we probably aren’t worth much in the grand scheme of null sec politics and the story of EVE, but there is too little of honor in this world, and it meant alot to me to try to do what I could.

After all, isn’t that what is missing?  In all our governments?  In our churches?  In our schools?  In our cultures?  We think honor is something that goes hand in hand with war and the military, but honor can be had in more places than just that.  We think the opposite of shame is pride, but it isn’t.  The opposite of shame is honor, and we could use alot more of it.  They say when the student is ready the master will appear.  I hope that is not true, because I’m not sure we will ever be ready.

“Honor isn’t about making the right choices. It’s about dealing with the consequences.”

Unknown quote, compiled from

Corporate Mergers

I need to break out my blueberry almond martinis, as we successfully negotiated a corp merger last night.

So my five capsuleer BB-I corp will be merging with an eight member local corp to give us more staying power and more market power.

As the weeks have unfolded, we’ve really found a niche in industrial dealings, and have run a few ops with this other corp for mining and exploration.  We’ve both benefited from them, and get along well with the other people, with one exception (a new player still learning not to talk all caps).  The goal is to become a neutral arms-dealer outfit for the current locale.

"The gun is free, but the ammo will cost you..."
"The gun is free, but the ammo will cost you..."

Which will tie in nicely with my brothers new series of short stories for submission that will have a Casablanca flavor too them.

We are currently in the process of sorting through our junk.  BB-I will effectively get mothballed with my alt back in the CEO chair.  But we need to figure out whats going with us and what’s not, and who gets what.

Oh, and we also have to anchor our new POS.  Business is good….

And Away We Go…Part II

Well, I think we are up and running.  There’s still a few things both in and out of game that need to be taken care of, but we are officially moved in to our headquarters and gearing up to take applications.

Now when I set up this corp, it was never intended to be a real corp, so I didn’t put alot of thought into the name (even though I did with the corp structure, since those were the tools I was using).  I created it on the fly one night, and as we are want to do when we don’t have the patience for creativity, we dip into the well of the past and select a congruent name.

Many, many years ago, I played Battletech often.  And the first mercenary outfit that I played as a part of with my friends, we named after an organization in an old cult movie favorite of ours.  The movie:  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.  The organization: The Blue Blaze Irregulars.  Only at that point we didn’t have copies of the movie at home, only the occasional odd TV viewing.  And thus we mistakenly believed it to be the Blue Patch-BuckarooBanziBlueBlazeBlazer Irregulars.  

So the Blue Blazer Irregulars [BB-I] are now open for business.

Now I know you are anxious to join, so please, make your way to our office in an orderly fashion!

Seriously, we are open to applications at the moment and looking for others to join us in our endeavors.  We all do a good bit of mission running, but we figure everyone does that.  For those who enjoy exploring the EVE universe, we need scouts for the Radar Rangers division.  Those who want to conquer the world of EVE economically can sign up for the Banzai Institute, our industrial & mining division.  And for those who crave pew-pew, our location offers unique and copious opportunities for low-sec warfare, (and with a bit of time and patience, the occasional nullsec roam) and there is a place for you in the Hong Kong Cavalier’s division.

And since we are new – experienced players can expect to take on active roles in the structure of the corp early on.

Here ends the recruitment advert for the day!

Seriously we are trying to figure out what all we need in game at the moment.  I’m working on the in game advert, and an online message board for us.  We also picked up some BPO’s last night and have begun churning out an industrial base for both profit and corp activities.  And getting our standings set up.  What else do we need?  Do you have any recommendations or good advice?  We’re not too proud to take it, believe me, and we want this to be a successful endeavor for all of us.

And Away We Go… Part I

Up to now, though I haven’t been completely happy in my EVE corp, I haven’t left either.  For whatever reason, I stuck around.  In part maybe because I had nowhere to go, and in part because my gut just told me it wasn’t time yet.  I’ve been waiting for something, but I just didn’t know what.  I learned a few years ago how and when to trust my instinct in these matters, and this was one of those times.

Earlier this week, we had another incident.  A buddy found himself unceremoniously dumped from the corp, despite having been an active contributor and missioner.  In the aftermath, the leadership lied and tried to cover up their mistake, and offered reinstatement…but no apology and no explanation other than what we had to ferret out in private convos from those who were sympathetic.

Meanwhile, a month or so ago, you may remember me wondering aloud about starting a corp in the game, just to play around with the features and maybe one day to write a guide on it.  I did so, a shell corp that I used to play around with titles, role management, and settings.  It was..awkward, and so I never got around to writing the post.

And some of you can guess where this is headed:

..Incoming invite to private chat…

[01:06:31] Buddy #1 > howdy
[01:06:35] Acer Tinkari > hey
[01:06:39] Acer Tinkari > secrecy?
[01:06:45] Buddy #1 > Buddy #2 wants to join your corp
[01:07:05] Buddy #1 > i think i do too
[01:07:09] Acer Tinkari > my corp…as in not [my current corp], but [the dummy shell corp I set up last month]
[01:07:17] Buddy #1 > yeah
[01:07:23] Acer Tinkari > Hell, lets do it
[01:07:28] Buddy #1 > lol
[01:07:35] Buddy #1 > where is your base at?

[01:08:35] Acer Tinkari > Alright, well first order of business, where do we want the HQ and first corp hanger at?

[01:11:39] Acer Tinkari > Ok…I think the easiest way to do it is to bring my alt down and swap the hq to here that way, so we don’t have to travel out to his noob system to put in apps
[01:12:10] Buddy #1 > lol
[01:12:32] Buddy #1 > sounds like a plan, not only that, but also so you don’t have to maintain the cost of 2 bases
[01:12:45] Acer Tinkari > Yeah that too
[01:13:09] Acer Tinkari > Ok, I’ll swap over to him and start the journey – I don’t think it was too bad ~20 jumps or less
[01:13:29] Buddy #1 > yeah, not to bad
[01:14:40] Acer Tinkari > … put him in your address book so you can find me easy
[01:14:51] Buddy #1 > let me know if you want to scout you in

[01:15:08] Acer Tinkari > Ok will do
[01:15:18] Acer Tinkari > This is going to be fun…. (-:
[01:15:35] Buddy #1 > lol

I redacted some of it for security purposes.  We need a few days to get things set up and settled and so on before it goes 100% public.  But when that conversation came in, I knew it was the time and the place.  Having an occasionally disfunctional corp was not reason enough for me to leave.  I needed more than escape, I needed a new purpose and direction, and support in that endeavor.

So its time for me to put my money where my mouth is.  I’ve been critical, and now its time for me to be proactive.  Better (and worse) yet, you all have full access to how I think this corp should be run.  So if I stray from the vision…well all sorts of people are going to let me know about it, aren’t they!

Stay tuned over the next few days, as I’m sure as this unfolds, a weekend update will be in order!