Challenge Accepted

This open beta for the World of Warplanes is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, in addition to all the tokens (by the time the dust clears I will have earned 3 months of free premium time and the free carryover premium aircraft), and having just rolled across the 700 battle mark to qualify me for the (upt to three) tester reward aircraft, in order to keep momentum over this last month of testing, Wargaming has thrown down the gauntlet.

airborn chalenge

Pretty nice. Play ~12 games a day between now and launch (about what I play in tanks as an active player, though warplane matches last for less time on average), and get around $40 worth of gold. Play just 7 games a day and get about $20 worth of gold. 2.5 games a day gets you about $10 of gold.

That is doubly awesome since it can be used both in WoT and WoWp.

And if you play both like me, don’t forget the preorder packages, which are currently the cheapest way to get gold and premium time. The Heavy package gives you a year of premium and over $30 in premium (and a tier 5 premium aircraft) for what you normally pay for just the year of premium. The smaller packages are likewise great deals.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my battle count. As it stands right now, I’m doing pretty good – 52% win rate and 16 “Ace” medals in 701 matches with a 1.28 K/D ratio. And those numbers would be higher if I didn’t keep leaving behind my excellent fighters to rake in the free tokens being handed out for destroying ground attack targets!

And best of all? I crossed that 700 battle mark last night with the best wingman a guy could ask for, my brother! Having returned to the world of reliable internet, we paired up to dominate the skies last night.

So Wargaming, challenge accepted. I think when launch rolls around you will be paying out a lot of gold to folks like me, but, what the hay, let the good times roll.

ETA: Apparently the challenge was too difficult for Wargaming – it has been postponed until further notice due to unnamed “issues.” More than one person has speculated that the issue is the Mother Russia office calling and saying “holy s**t that’s a lot of gold we’re giving out, no deal.” And that speculation is because it has been confirmed that this event is not planed for EU or RU servers either one.