A Weekend Without Games

Makes one board and dull for the coming week.  I did get some play time, mostly last night, mostly in the world of EVE, but…what should have been chock full of gaming was instead just trying to keep up with things.  With the kids back in school last week, they were exhausted, and thus by extension whiny, which in turn exhausts us.  I crashed on the couch Sunday afternoon for more than two hours.  Its rare for me to be out more than an hour if  I take a nap.

Anyway, I did spend some time this weekend loading more of my gear onto my laptop and removing all the crap that doesn’t need to be on my laptop.

And I did get in one leve l 4 mission last night in EVE now that my buddy has rigged his most recent Megathron.  Oh, and I fell in love with the Machariel.  That’s a handsome looking ship.  At the 1b ISK pricetag though, its a little out of my range.  It did prompt a small debate though, when I announced that if I had 1b ISK, I would buy one of those before I bought a carrier.  Which reminds me, whats the difference between a corp hanger and a ship maintenance bay?

Well the end result of the mission was twofold:  first, and most exciting, was that my wallet now exceeds 100m ISK, for the first time ever (yay!), and will soon be gone as I buy my first battleship.

Secondly: its time to pull the trigger and become my own person instead of riding on the coat tails of my current corp or my buddy’s minmatar standings (lol).  I need a corp that will let me do my own thing, but also allow for fun community through the chat rooms and also group events in the form of group missions or patrols.  Let me know if you have a recommendation.



Going through EVE withdrawal sucks.

The good news? Some minor industrial kicks while I’m gone. Remember that Arby? I was just test driving it, it was really part of my income while I’m out of town plan:

2 Arbitrators
Cost to make: 1.316 million
Income at sale:6.00 million

3 Rifters
Cost to make: 118k
Income at sale:618k

Net: 6.618m – 1.434m =

5.184 million ISK

Not much, but better than nothing, I can build more, and most importantly, I had fun doing it.