Quote of the Day: Cracked Explains EVE Online

Actually playing [EVE] is like being one of the attackers in the Battle of Helm’s Deep: Something awesome is happening, but most of your life has been boring drudgery and now you’re going to be killed by characters who’ve been here longer.

That pretty much sums it up for the majority of people who have played, are playing, or will play the game. That’s not to say its not a great game, it is. But its also a bit of a meat grinder with a siren’s call.

The rest of the article details ways that videogames are going through great lengths to screw us. Wilhelm will be both impressed that STO’s lockboxes made the cut, and disappointed that it only came in fourth on the list.

Birthday Bucks $$$

My wife’s grandparents sent me some money for my birthday, which was very kind of them.  They are also very old school, so they expect a thank you letter.  But they are actually kind of funny about it – if you don’t send a thank you card, your next birthday present will be a boring and/or tacky shirt or sweater of some sort.  The year following, you get another chance, and so on.  I love it.

So, naturally, I messed up last time, and I don’t want to do that again.  So as soon as I got the money in the mail I sat down and wrote out the following Thank You Card, which I dropped in the mail today:

“Dear Grandparent In-Laws,

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and the gift of money!  I have used some of the money to purchase a new spaceship for myself, and am thinking I will use the rest to buy a new shirt for Sunday mornings.  Thank you!

PS – See enclosed photo of new ship.”


Wish I could be there when they open it!

10 Reasons Fans Will Love STO

According to kotaku.com that is.

Or not.  They just give you those screen shots.  So go look at them, and then check out my own personal answer key for the screenshots below.  I’d love to see your answers too.

Its easy – just open the link above in a new tab, click pick number 1, look at the picture, and then swap tabs back here for The Reason.  Got it?  Good…spoilers after the break…

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