Carrier Strike Group

Yesterdays advice was fantastic, and I’ve started the process of putting together my first guide for EVE, though this is difficult since as a new player, I don’t have alot of insight into many of the games areas.  Still, I’ve found myself answering more questions than I’m asking on our Vent server these days, so I’m sure I can come up with something.

But first, I have been thinking about this one since my last fleet op.  My dad spent his entire career (and now his semi-retirement as a contractor) as a civilian doing R&D for the US Navy. (Sidenote: Its awesome to have a Dad who has worked on things we can all be proud of.)  And so thats in the back of my head during EVE.  And when we were out the other night, the image of our ships was vaguely….

Look familiar?
Look familiar?


Yeah, like that.  And I know that in EVE, alot of capital ships require support, especially those that cannot dock.  So I got to wondering if one could recreate in EVE the same protective fleet group that the US Navy uses, and whether or not it would be beneficial in EVE.  In the modern US CSG, there are alot of components that would be easy to translate over in to the game:

  • A Capital Ship:  Whether it was a Carrier, or back when we had then, a Battleship, escort was needed.  In EVE of course, this would probably be a true cap ship:  Mothership, Dreadnought, or Titan.  I exclude carriers because whether its typical or not, my experience is that every veteran player can manage to lay hold of a carrier on their own at some point.  The rest require help from corpmates and thus are shared resources and thus will have at least some escort like the type Navy CSG’s use.
  • A Carrier Air Wing:  Of course this one is hard to duplicate in EVE, unless its a Mothership you’ve got, which provides its own “air wing” in the form of Fighters.  But even then its not the same.  And lets face it: frigates = fighters in the world of New Eden.  So really this role is filled by your scouts and tacklers – in a large fleet op, probably Covert Ops ships, Stealth Bombers, and Interceptors, and if you’re large enough, some noobs in throwaway frigates to help tackle.
  • A Destroyer Squadron:  Heh, yeah, probably don’t need any destroyers in the group in EVE.  Unless they are interdictors.  Which is basically what this group does – screen the carrier.  Interdictors could (if I understand them right) put up bubbles in a defensive manner around the cap ship.  This might also be your midrange pilots with cruisers that help tackle and dps enemy ships.  Thoraxes, Stabbers, etc.  This might be the area for a neutralize ship as well.
  • Guided Missle Cruisers:  The CSG has only 1-2 of these, but in EVE you might want more.  This is your pure hard hitting DPS group.  This would probably be your offensive punch in the form of battlecruisers and battleships.  For RP points, Drakes work well here.  (-;
  • Guided Missle Destroyers:  These are DPS, but of a specialized nature – AAA/ASW – take out aircraft and subs, the lurking and far ranging threats.  In EVE, this might actually be destroyers, to get a handle on groups of tacklers.  It might also be hybrid EWAR target painter/sensor booster ships that also carry high tracking weapons.  Or Assault Ships.  Or, in one tactic I learned the other night, high volume drone carriers who drop drones like a poor man’s version of active sonar – anything that bumps a cloaked ship can get it visible from what I understand, and if a cloaked ship has to navigate around a few dozen moving drones…well, god help them.
  • Attack Submarines:  This is where the invaluable Combat and Force Recon ships earn their money.  Their job is to scout ahead and bring the CSG down on the head of opposing fleets.  And its why I really want to lear to fly a Curse.  Really sick and elite corps might be using Black Ops ships here as well.
  • Logistics:  This is where your Triage Carriers, T2 Logistics Cruisers, Command Ships, and other specialized ships of a group nature come in.  Their job is support and, if you will “healing.”

Like I said, I’ve not been around in EVE long enough to know if that would be viable.  Heck, as far as I know, this *is* the way such fleets are built in EVE.  Either way, its a fun mental exercise, isn’t it?

And you never know, maybe one day I’ll be a fleet commander (FC)…that’s the cool thing about EVE.