The Bridge is Crowded, Part II

So I’m less than 750 xp points from completing a long time goal of mine in STO, which is the capping out of the Diplomacy Advancement.   Doing so gives me voting privileges (for what appears to be a broken event at the current time), a transwarp to DS9 ability (awesome!), the Ambassador title (woot!), and best of all, the feather in the cap – the ability to recruit a bridge officer from the opposing faction.


As I’m currently in the process of reworking and upgrading my bridge crew, this will be a nice addition, and I need to make room for it.  The question is what to do.  I think it will be an Engineering officer, as that is what I am short on the most in the “purple” (very rare) department.   And I would like for it to be female.  After the overhaul the M/F breakdown will be 10/2, which is a big heavy for me.  My current breakdown is much closer to 50/50, and that is preferable for me.  And of the available races, I’m most interested in the Letheans and the Orions.


The cheesy part of me of course wants the reformed/escaped Orion slave-girl who beauty is exceeded only by her ability to make warp core calculations in her head.  While I’m not grouser of sexism in games, yes, I do plan to dress her as a Starfleet Officer and not as a slave-girl, so rest easy on that score.  On the other hand the Letheans are an underrated race and quite fun with their psionic abilities and unusual appearence.  Here too the RP possibilities are fantastic.


So far I’m torn on the decision, and I only have another day or so until I churn out those XP.  I need to make a decision fast.   Your input is appreciated!