Deciding on a GW2 Server

I realized today that I had probably put some effort towards picking a server.   The list is large enough that throwing a dart is a fair possibility, but since the list has been published early and guilds and alliances are getting set for WvWvW, it can also land you on an overcrowded server.   On top of that, as I understand it, guesting (server hopping for PvE) will be disabled initially,  so if there is anyone I want to wave “hi” to anytime soon, I better get it right.

Heck, you’ll need GPS just to get around town it looks like.


So I started checking around with some of the guilds and people I’m familiar with.  The CoW’s have not announced a final location yet, but are probably headed to Northern Shiverpeaks (Arena:  “That’s totally not innuendo, we swear.”)  The Lion’s Arch Irregulars are headed to Stormbluff Isle.  I’ve not yet heard if the other blogger’s guild that is running around out there (which tends to change its name from game to game) will be in the game and if so, on what server, but I’m curious as I wouldn’t mind taking a turn with that crew.


Just going off of names, I’d probably go with Gate of Madness, just because it conjures images of Lovecraft (and my particular favorite among the Cthulhu Mythos, Clark Ashton Smith).  But there are several there that would be great.   I often pick names simply to avoid embarrassment.  Others do the opposite, apparently in droves (see also The Fatman server in TOR).


So what about you?  Where are you headed?  And what guild are you headed out with?  Are you fretting a decision (particularly if you intend to be an active WvWvW person and are worried about the server pop)?