German Armor Decisions

So Rift is on hiatus for a bit, since my brother is actually physically around here with me, and the nights we have free we prefer to spend playing awesome boardgames, like Mansions of Madness.  But there are still nights where I have meetings and things and we don’t really have time to play (we aren’t quite the night owls we used to be, as we get older).   And in those nights I’ve been grabbing a match or three of World of Tanks.

And I’m kinda hitting some decision points that have given me pause.  Most recently in the German tank tree.  Now I will say upfront, I’m a huge German Armor-o-phile in real life.   So in Beta testing, that is what I did – I climbed the German tree with a passion, heading for my personal favorite, the Tiger I.  When the wipe happened and launch came, I had decided to try my hand at other things.  Most particularly,  I wanted to experience medium tanks, which I had not actively pursued in Beta, and when it came to heavies, I wanted to put the American line through the paces.   Well I’ve done both, with the T34 treading water until the M103 hits, and with the Russian medium line capped out.   So I have been fooling around with the other two medium lines.  And I have just about finished with the respective tier 6’s – the Sherman “Easy 8” and the VK 3001 (H).  The American line is easy – proceed to the T20, ???, profit.

But the German line has left me with a little indecision.  I can either, at this point, unlock the VK 3002 (DB) or the PzKpfw V Panther.  Observe:



Green is tanks I’ve unlocked/used.  Red I have not.  Yellow is the current decision making process.   Now, I would like to uncover all the German line eventually, being the avowed lover, as noted above.   And I am particularly keen to have some of these tanks unlocked for the Historical Matches which will be coming to the game soon (where only real production tanks and not experimental ones can be used, and teams are grouped by nation).   So with that in mind, I can proceed to the Panther, and have a solid historical tank available, while trekking on down the medium line to the superb E-50.  And normally I would do just that.

But the 3002 has me intrigued.  Originally it was much maligned as a tier 7 medium, in part because it stood in the way of reaching the Panther, a tank many people wanted, but that was underwhelming as a tier 8.   In reality, its probably on par with the Panther (and they were, after all, competing designs at one point).  However, it trades some of the Panther’s (potential) firepower and armor for additional speed.

In addition, it has the added benefit of being able to be used to unlock both the Tiger and the Panther – the two tanks I want for historical matches, and do both of those things relatively easily (about 25k xp each).    The downside is spending a lot more time in tier 7, rather than making the straight climb for the top.

I could move over to the 3601, which is what normally unlocks the Tiger, but I drove it in Beta and was unimpressed with it for the most part, and I wouldn’t mind skipping over it.  But it does have all the same components as the Tiger and Panther line, allowing you do get equipment unlocked and paid for at a lower tier – always a bonus.

And then there is the cash crunch.  Until the T34 goes premium, I’m going to have trouble raising the money for all these end-game tanks I want.  I have some half a million credits now, and we are talking about tanks that will run 1.5 million credits and more.  I can earn an average of 20k with my best premium right now, but that is slow going (50 matches per million credits!).   So if I do go the DB, it may be some time until I can afford a Panther or Tiger either one.

I hate making decisions.  But I guess in the long run I can’t really go wrong, right?  Either way I will get where I am going, and this way, hopefully, I get to satisfy a curiosity while doing it.

Three Way Showdown

A few nights ago, someone in our little crew had a brilliant suggestion.  With my brother trying to be a Rifter loving pirate, we should loadout some frigates and do some pvp for real.   So we finally carved out some time.  And I had the best time I’ve had in awhile.

Of course, being the trouble maker I was, I knew I wouldn’t bring a Rifter.  And my buddy caught on quick and showed up in his Dramiel.   That might seem unfair, but my brother, with his focused training regimen, has quickly ascended to fitting some t2 gear to his Rifter.  With Gallente Frigate 5 and now Amarr Frigate 5 under my belt, I had a choice.  But I decided to stay true to my new Amarr love and fit a Punisher. 

And I won.  Again…and again…and again.  the only time I lost was when my buddy had switched out to his repping Domi and was repping bth my brother and I at the same time.  He stopped finally, but my brother had just reloaded, and I had only a few rounds left.  So I had to stop and reload and he didn’t.   Granted, against the t2 autocannons it was very, very close.   And I’m not sure my buddy quite has his Dramiel fit perfected yet, but still, it was something to be proud of.

And it made me wonder.   Everybody I’ve heard of always lauds the virtues of the Rifter as the best T1 combat frigate (I’ve seen some minority arguments for the Tristan though).   Why not the Punisher?  Is it the lack of the third mid slot?  I can see where that would be problematic against other pvpers who would try to disengage  if they fell behind.

It also gave me a solid “Eureka!” moment.  I didn’t realize that I had all the preqs done for Assault Ships.  I mean I think I knew but I didn’t quite know.  You know?  Anyway, I need to train my gunnery skills a bit more for t2 weapons, but…well it was so fun, I gotta get me one. 

But which one?  With two maxed out frigate skills…do I go:

Enyo?  Ishkur?  Retribution?  Vengeance?

I’m leaning towards the Ishkur (I had solid drone skills) but I love the look of the Vengeance and the armor resist bonus (also what I love about the Punisher).

Taking your input….nnnooow.  Ding.