I Write, STO Delivers

Well that didn’t take long. As of a noon blog post today on STO’s website, we now have “transforming science destroyers.”



The feedback on the lifetime subscriber “transforming cruiser destroyer” was less than positive, so I am curious what kind of bubble the dev team placed themselves in before coming up with this stellar idea.

Don’t get me wrong, the ship itself looks great, and is definitely harkening to the Voyager, no doubt about it. And we badly needed another science vessel. And I figured it would be more escort science than cruiser science because those are more popular, but…

Seriously, transformers?

As more than one person pointed out when the other destroyers were released, when you add the moving parts with even a modicum of thought and common sense, you realize that those parts of the ship have nobody in them. Unless they like getting airlocked by the transformation.

I guess I will still grab one, at least for my main, but…all things considered, I’m about as excited as box of rocks.

Backstory wise, I am fine with focusing more on the current storyline rather than nostalgia, though I really have to wonder why you coulnd’t have done both. Oh well, guess it will be a while longer before we see more of those classic Trek ships on our computer screen.