Just Who Is This Godslayer Person Anyway?

Further proof that unlimited trials are a good thing:  some time after soundly berating FunCom for holding my characters hostage and deleting them, I am now playing through Tortage to see if its improved any. 

I would play EVE – but we’re in about our 8th consecutive week of War Decs, and this week, we got two of them.  So…I’m not doing much their but finishing T2 shield tanking skills in anticipation of owning my first ever Caldari ship – the totally wicked looking new Scorpian.

I would play Everquest 2 – but I have nobody to play with.  I’m in three different guilds on two different servers.  In two of the guilds, there is never more than one or two others on, and while terribly nice to me, they don’t have much interest in grouping with me.  In the third I joined a new guild (got a shiny plat for that too!) thinking that I would be able to play with others my level.  I signed off around midnight, and when I got back in the saddle 21 hours later – I was still level 9 and everyone else was in their 20’s.   …

So, I’ll take out my frustrations via decapitation and disembowelment.  That is all, carry on.

When approached by three beautiful women with weaponry, confusion is a natural response.