A Different Kind of Recruitment Event

I just damned Star Trek Online for its removal of exploration again, but I’m going to make up for it here: I think the Delta Recruitment program (though it has some warts) is a wonderful initiative.

For those who didn’t jump immediately through that link above (I don’t blame you), here is a summary:

> Runs from April 2nd to May 21st.

> Every existing account gets a free new character slot, new accounts get bonuses.

> Every storyline mission will have bonus objectives to boost leveling and gearing.

> Everyone who completes the bonus missions will receive a unique Trait (account wide unlock).

> These new characters will earn extra Dilithium (real money exchange currency) during the event.

> The more people complete storyline missions with these characters, the more server-wide XP multipliers unlock.

The goal of course, is to invite new players, and give those new players plenty of people to play with by giving incentives for existing players to roll a new character.

I think its a great way to breathe life into the server, give people something fun to do, and insure your new players are enjoying themselves. I’d like to see other games follow suit.

And I’d like to say this: I will probably use this event to make a third (this time the charm?) attempt to really get a Romulan character off the ground. I’ve tried twice and it just hasn’t taken. I’d like to really put some elbow grease in it this time. If anyone wants to run the event/accelerated leveling treadmill with me, you are welcome to join in!

8 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Recruitment Event

    1. In short? If you like Star Trek, then yes, it is. It is by far the best ship simulator ever produced for the franchise, and I obsess for hours over the crew I have built up on my main character. Its my own little Star Trek show.

      If you are not a fan of Star Trek though, I’m not sure how attractive it would be. There are probably “better” MMO’s out there that would be worth a swing.

    2. I just came back and started a new character, so this is not ideal timing for me. But yes, I think it’s a fun game, especially if you’re a Trekkie.

      @H: I would be on board for the treadmill, but I am spending about half of April on the other side of the planet, so we’d be out of sync.

      1. Yeah, part of what appeals to me would be the company – I have plenty of other games already that I can sociably solo. I’ve never tried the regular MMO gaming group thing and it might be a fun new experience.

  1. Ysh you can always join our little blogger / twitter fleet. It’s small and very casual but we do try to setup Fleet Nights from time to time to do group stuff. And the game level-scales so you can always play with friends regardless of level gaps.

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